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Grey Nomad Jobs

Seeking workers or Travelling & looking at Options

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Find employment, jobs, house sitting and community opportunities with thousands of "nomad-friendly" employers all over Australia.

Youth Employer Success

Workforce Pathways

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Youth Employment Success Darling Downs South West
Making decisions about your future career is difficult. And these decisions need information that is not always easy to come by. It’s ideal if this information comes from the local people who work in the industries and businesses that interest you.

Youth Employment Success enables youth over the age of 16 to reach out to these people in business who have generously volunteered their time to have a chat and/or show you what working in their industry entails. This can support youth in making the best decisions on what career path, training and/or education to pursue to get our youth where-ever it is that they’d like to go.

Our mission is to connect local youth who want to know more, to local businesses who want our region to thrive by helping our future workforce make the best decisions for them.

Rural Jobs

RFTTE Ringers from the Top End Jobs

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This website lists jobs available across the region as well as across Northern Qld and NT.
Great jobs, plus accommodation and meals possible.

Workforce Evolve

Free e-learning Program

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We know workforce challenges are a top priority for businesses and that the ability to attract and retain suitably qualified staff is the most significant constraint on business growth. It’s why we developed the free Workforce Evolve program, a Queensland Government funded e-learning program designed to help employers think differently about who they employ and how to retain them into the future.

Youth to Boost

Back to Work Incentives

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Youth Boost payments of up to $20,000 are available to employers who hire an eligible unemployed young Queenslander.

Local Jobs Program

DESE - Darling Downs Employment Region

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The Local Jobs Program supports local jobseekers into employment and training opportunities to meet the needs of local employers.

Job Listings

Outback QLD Jobs

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RESQ Plus Pty Ltd created a free jobs listing service to build awareness of work available and to encourage people back to our remote and regional communities.

Outback Qld Jobs


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RAPAD Employment Services Queensland (RESQ) is a national provider of employment and training services to communities in Outback Queensland. Our aim is to empower people through employment, helping to create strong, successful businesses and communities.
Outback Queensland Jobs is a free service available to job seekers and employers from the Central West, South West and Far West Queensland regions.