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Horticulture Workers - St George
Liz Hill
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Horticulture Workers - St George

PGP Group - Sage Advisory Pty Ltd

PGP Group Pty Ltd are looking for 200 horticultural workers to start employment in May 2024 for a period of 9 months. Positions will be available in the region surrounding St George, Queensland.

Key responsibilities for these positions will include:
• picking and packing of table grapes,
• planting and pruning of vines, and
• general labour, as required.

Requirements of the role:
• able to be on your feet, standing & walking, for long periods of time,
• walking long distances,
• lifting heavy objects,
• working outdoors in various conditions (hot humid through to cold weather),
• be available for shift work as well as working out the entire season.

Successful applicants will work an average of 30 hours a week and must be available to work 5-7 days per week. They will be paid as a pieceworker or by the relevant hourly award rate depending on the work performed (pay rates are based on the Horticulture Award 2020 MA000028).

Please email your resume with a brief cover letter, giving a description of any experience or attributes you have that would be an asset to this position, Email this link. Please use the subject “Application for Horticulture St George”.

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